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Knjižara Karver

Karver bookstore

Karver is an open area - bookstore - gallery - café - internet club and is settled in the centre of Podgorica, near the hotel Crna Gora and the Gallery of Artists' Association, at the bank of river Ribnica, under the bridge that connects two parts of Podgorica, the centre and the new part of the city, known as Old airport. Karver is settled in the building of hamam, an old Turkish bath, that was built at the end of the past century and represents the cultural heritage of the city.
The place is surrounded with the river and the green area. It is shadowed during the whole day, thanks to the bridge that hangs over it. During the summer period, the temperature is several degrees lower than in the city. It gives the pleasure of complete silence, with the music chosen by us.
On the area 150m², Karver offers more than 6000 titles from the various publishers from the whole region, written on the south Slovenian, Albanian and English language (Algoritam, AGM, Buybook, CID, Dereta, Durieux, Feral, Geopoetika, Golden marketing, Laguna, Lom, Meander, Mono & Manjana, Narodna knjiga, Oxford, Paideia, Penguin, Plima, Profil, Prometej, Rad, Samizdat B92, Školska knjiga, Toena, Unireks,...) monographies and informators about Montenegro on several languages; different magazines in Italian, English, German and French language (Almanah, Art, Art & Decoration, Ars, Business week, Cosmopolitan, Fantom slobode, Jazz magazine, Le Figaro, Newsweek, O - the Oprah magazine, Photography, Premier, Politikin zabavnik, Sarajevske sveske, Sodobnost, Time, The New Yorker, Vogue,...) and also the representative choice of pictures of Montenegrin artists.
Karver is an extraordinary place in Podgorica, visited by many, who often or from time to time, on the way through Podgorica, find the time to enjoy in its ambient.
The bookstore - reading room - gallery - café, has become the place that gathers people and through organizing many promotions, it created connections among many editors and authors from Ex Yugoslavia and Europe. Since the first three years, Karver hosted two hundreds of programs - book promotions and the promotions of magazines of literature, authors and publishers, movies and directors, books for children and its authors, workshops for students, films projections (Film and revolution, Shakespeare and film, Nobel prize winners, Literature and film, Chekov and film), Small anthology (audio anthology of few Montenegrin poets), lecturers, exhibition of children works, concerts of few very young music groups and concerts of brilliant jazz musicians. The number of guests and programs is much far away many institutions in the town which are financed from town and republic funds....
The guests of the bookstore Karver have been many famous authors, movie directors, painters and musicians from Montenegro and the region as well as from the whole world, like: Hugo Hamilton, Andžej Stasjuk, Vesna Krmpotić, Filip David, Vladimir Arsenijević, Teofil Pančić, Zoran Hamovic, Nikola Vukčević, Stanko Crnobrnja, Dunja Blazevic, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Neil Griffith, Antonin Lin, Padrig O'Snodig, Mirko Đorđević, Nenad Prokić, Nenad Popovic, Borivoj Radakovic, Aleksandar Zograf, Torbjorn Elenski, Mladen Lompar, Andrej Nikolaidis, Balša Brković, Ognjen Spahić, Pavle Goranović, Zarko Paic, Damir Uzunovic, Božo Koprivica, Aleksandar Bečanović, Zuvdija Hodžić, Bogomil Djuzel, Ljiljana Dirjan, Aleksandar Genis and many others...


Knjižara KARVER

Karver je otvoreni prostor – knjižara – galerija – kafe - internet klub u samom centru Podgorice u blizini hotela Crna Gora i Galerije uduženja likovnih umjetnika, na obali rijeke Ribnice, ispod mosta koji povezuje centar i novi dio grada, nekadašnji Stari aerodrom.

Obala Ribnice,
Cvijetin brijeg bb.
81000 Podgorica,
Crna Gora
tel: +382 20 602625
fax: +382 20 602626

radno vrijeme:
knjižara 9 - 20h
kafe 9 – 23 30h